Armageddon 889: Behind Enemy Lines


Distinguished graduates of the class of ‘89 – today is a very special day. Today you join the most honored and ancient profession, that of a professional military officer.
More than that, today you join that very elite of the military, the Warmek officers.

You are unique in how you have been prepared.
You were tested physically, intellectually, militarily, and morally. You completed four long years of difficult study at one of the premier academic military institutions in the Tiger Combine. You trained tactically in the field for 28 weeks.
And many could not meet the tough standards. Your class started with 270 cadets four years ago, and now you are 212 – 212 of the absolute best in the world.

As Warmek officers you will automatically become leaders.
Leaders on the battlefield, as the other troops look to you for guidance, assistance and protection; and leaders in the briefing room, as the capabilities that you and the machines you command bring to the table will decide strategy and tactics.

Some of you will practice your new profession in service of your countries, defending your people and culture against your enemies.

Some of you will practice your new profession the corporate arena, defending your patron’s assets and ventures against rivals.

And some of you will practice your new profession commercially, bolstering defenses of whatever entity needs it the most.

But all of you are graduates of Kuantan Warmek Academy and as such you are representative of what we offer here.

I ask you that as you perform your duties you keep close to your heart the three critical values of our academy:

• The first is service to whomever your patron ends up being.

• The second is competence in everything you do.

• And the third is honour in your words and your deeds.

As officers, though you will have the largest concentration of fire-power yet to be amassed in a single vehicle at your command you must remember that no enterprise can exist for itself alone. It ministers to some great need, it performs some great service, not for itself, but for others; or failing therein, it ceases to be profitable and ceases to exist.

As officers it is also your duty to win in combat, to defeat your enemies while caring for your Meks. To do this, you must attain professional competence, in both tactics and the care of your machines.
To be competent, you must continue to add to your knowledge and experience of military tactics, initially at the platoon and company level.
You must also strive to understand and care for the Warmeks that you command.
By understanding them you can effectively employ them to succeed at any mission you are assigned.

Finally, as officers you must have honour and integrity. To win the respect and dedication of both subordinates and superiors, they must know you are men of honour and integrity, men who will do what is right even if the consequences cause you personal loss or pain.

As head out into the world on new endeavours, always remember: Life may be cheap but Warmeks are expensive.

Commandant Mat Dato’ Pengajar, Kuantan Warmek Academy, Tiger Combine



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