Armageddon 889: Behind Enemy Lines

IWN News Brief 03/02/889

Refugee Convoy Assaulted

More violence in the often war-torn region of Kazakhstan claimed the lives of several civilian refugees from the Lithuania and Estonia regions of the Eltarian Federation in an unwarranted attack by mercenary forces belonging to the Horustauz Company operating out of Huaxia, just east of the Kazakh border.

The attack, which occurred just after sunset as the refugee convoy was proceeding towards its rendezvous with a support escort, was carried out in a ruthless and brutal fashion, raining heavy fire down on innocent civilians

The convoy would have been destroyed along with the IWN correspondent covering its exodus from Eltarian Federation territory had it not been for the timely intervention of its escort, which arrived despite the convoy’s misalignment with their rendezvous path.

The escort, identified as Surprise Solutions, dealt swiftly with the enemy forces and saved dozens of lives. The exact details of the battle are still being determined, but it is clear that these refugees and the world community owe Surprise Solutions a debt of gratitude.



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