Armageddon 889: Behind Enemy Lines

IWN News Brief 06/02/889

Kazakhstan Opens Borders

Following the dire events of the last exodus of political refugees from Eltarian regions like Lithuania and Estonia, other citizens attempting to flee their own governments and oppressive regimes they have adopted since joining the Eltarian Federation are banding together and seeking safe havens.

The nation of Kazakhstan has opened its borders to those attempting to escape tyranny in their countries, offering immigration aid to anyone who wishes to resettle here.

This open policy is welcome news to those without a homeland, bu the true difficulty is reaching Kazakhstan.
While some refugees have the means to secure safe passage to the neutral nation, others are unable to accept the offer of freedom due to financial straits or legal and military repercussions.

No official response has come forth from the Eltarian Federation regarding Kazakhstan‘s policy, but border patrols have increased throughout the superpower’s territories. presumably as a countermeasure against defection/



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