Armageddon 889: Behind Enemy Lines

IWN News Brief 09/02/889

Triads Attack Refugees

The sands of Kazakhstan have been shaken once again by conflict following an attack by criminal military elements against another refugee caravan attempting to travel peaceably across the country to its capital Astana.

The attack, an attempted ambush targeting civilian transport vehicles was thwarted by the caravan’s escort after an intense battle.
Emerging victorious from that assault, the triumphant Surprise Solutions resumed their transit to the aforementioned city after tending to their own wounded.

Of the attacking forces, the are believe to be a faction of the Tianchao Triads operating in Kazakhstan against the authority of the native government and in violation of numerous local and international warrants for their arrest and extradition.

Any information that could lead to the apprehension of anyone associated with this criminal organization can be forwarded to the Kazakhstan Civil Defense Force or sent anonymously to any IWN Branch Office for dissemination.



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