A Brief History of Armageddon

In 2186 a world located core-ward of Terra was settled through a multi-cultural endeavour.
The purpose of this colony, named Accord, was to prove that people of all backgrounds could work together.
While the colony succeeded, the experiment failed.

The world governing council never amounted to more than a debating chamber as nation states quickly formed along lines ethnic and cultural familiarity.
These states mainly survived through trade with their parent nations on Terra.

When the Demarcation Declaration was passed in the year 2242 (or 56 after Landfall, as the people of Armageddon count the years), many states did not survive and fractured or were absorbed during a time of great change in the political landscape.
The world was fertile enough to feed its population and had enough natural resources within its system to support its industries, so it survived through this difficult time.

The next period of upheaval came in the year 396 after Landfall (2582), when the world was discovered by the Rim Worlds Republic (and thus the Star League) and was strongly encouraged to join.

The Rim Worlds required a single world government, so the governing council got actual authority, backed by Rim Worlds military power, for the first time.
The political landscape changed once more as states forged factions and alliances within that body.

The politics of Accord were stable and life was good for nearly 200 years.

Then, in the year 582 after Landfall (2768), the Catastrophe happened.
Following the Amaris Coup, the SLDF was sweeping through the Rim Worlds Republic with vengeance and destruction in mind.

On Accord, they destroyed or captured all jump-ships, destroyed the Hyper-pulse generators, all factories producing Hyperspace related technology and most data repositories before leaving.

Once again, the world was left to fend for itself.

The people of Accord could only wait for a jump ship to arrive from another world to re-connect them to humanity. In the year 889, it has not yet come.

The loss of oversight from the republic and of all export and import opportunities caused the world governing council to collapse back into insignificance as factions and nations were looking out for their own interests and vied with each other for dominance.

It is during the early years of this era that the people of the world started saying that there was no accord on the world and called it Armageddon.

Not much has changed in the last three centuries.

A Brief History of Armageddon

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